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Promote Sustainable Schools in Seattle: How To Contact Your School Board Director

Here’s how to give input to the school board:

  • Find out who represents you on the school board: Go to, then to Director Districts, where you will find maps for each member. Once you have found out who represents you, click on his/her name or on Contact the Board to find out their email address. If you prefer you can leave a message for you particular director by calling the district office (206-252-0040)
  • Testify at a full board meeting:  Get the schedule at, then Board Calendar. You need to call or email by 8am on the Monday preceding the Wednesday on which you wish to testify.
  • Speak to your individual board member at their district meetings concerning our conservation plans. Go to, then to Director Districts, then click on the school board member for your district, then go to Community Meeting Schedule (under their photo). This will tell you the dates of upcoming district meetings. You can also email your board member or call the district office at (206) 252-0040 to learn the location of the district meeting. Generally, they only have a few people in attendance and this is a great way to make your voice heard.

Campaign Outline:  The Green Party of Seattle (GPoS) will initiate a broad environmental coalition to promote energy conservation, green technology, and green jobs.  The campaign will initially work to promote energy conservation in Seattle School District facilities.  If successful, the campaign may expand in scope to other public facilities.    Campaign goals include:

  • Improve energy conservation practices in Seattle School District buildings.
  • Call attention to the savings the district can accrue through eco friendly conservation.
  • Re-invest the cost savings in other eco-friendly renovations. 
  • Promote social justice by lobbying for these renovation projects to be awarded to companies with ties to low-income communities of color.
  • Assist struggling schools through saving money by lowering energy costs.  

Background:  The campaign seeks to weave together three separate issues:

  1. Eliminating the need to generate electricity in our state from coal.  Washington still receives approximately 22% of its electricity from coal-burning power plants.  Reducing energy use can eliminate the need for coal-powered energy from our state. 
  2. The Seattle School District is facing an on-going funding crisis, and is looking for cost savings in different areas.  Certain schools face particularly difficult cost issues, especially in minority communities.
  3. Minority businesses are facing an extremely difficult economic environment, due to lack of contracts and lack of access to credit. 

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